Gentle/No Tears


While some methods claim to be "Gentle or No Tears" it is impossible to make this guarantee. The specific reaction each child has to a method can vary drastically.

5 S's

This is a soothing technique and not necessarily a sleep training method. This method can be used with ages 0 - 3 months (or while still being swaddled and not rolling over). This is the technique found in The Happiest Baby on the Block by Harvey Karp.

Introduction and Gentle Elimination

This technique introduces a sleep prop to get your child to sleep and then slowly weans you child off the sleep prop. This technique comes from No Cry Sleep Solution by Elizabeth Pantley.

Attachment Parenting and Co-Sleeping

This is actually a parenting method made famous by The Baby Sleep Book by William Sears. Sleep Merrely will work within your set of beliefs to make sure your child is still obtaining the required number of hours through a 24 hours period.



This method is best used from 0 - 6 months of age. Allows for physical comforting from beside the crib.

Pick Up/Put Down

Useful after 3 months of age and may be too stimulating for older children. This method may result in very little tears, or a lot of tears and may take a little longer to work.

Quick Checks

This plan uses a predetermined interval before entering a child's room. This is a good method to try if your child has an aversion to other physical comforting methods. 

Chair In Room

This technique allows the caregiver to remain in the room, within a close distance to the child. Overtime the caregivers slowly moves out of the room. Best when used after 6 months of age and is also a good technique for children who do not like being physically comforted.

Dream Feeds

This is the process of waking your child up only enough to activate the suckling reflex. This allows a child to feed while remaining in a hazy, half asleep state.

If suggested by your child's medical provider, these can be implemented into the plan. Always consult your pediatrician before increasing or decreasing your child's dietary intake.

Comforting Techniques and Props

Specific comforting techniques or props that sooth your child may be incorporated into your plan to hopefully increase success. Instructions are included within each customized sleep plan for how best to use these items or actions.


Cry It Out/(FULL) Extinction

This is the most efficient, yet hardest to follow through with technique. Ultimately, this method involves letting your child cry until asleep. Should not be used under 6 months of age. This is not a method I will suggest, but it is a method I will happily support and teach if so desired. If you do desire this method, it is ideal to prepare a week ahead of starting.

Gentle Extinction/Ferberization/Check and Console/Controlled Crying

You would utilizes predetermined intervals to enter the room and check on you child. This can be an efficient and fast method but it is also hard to follow through with due to crying.