Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Sleep consultant?

A sleep consultant provides non-medical and non-pharmaceutical advice, instruction, support, guidance, and resources to clients. Sleep consultants should use evidence-based and peer-reviewed research, education and expertise when providing advice and when putting sleep plans into action. Sleep consultants strive to help clients create a safe and healthy sleep environment for every child in every situation.

can you help with _______?

Some items a sleep consultant can help with:

  • Sleeping through the night
  • Naps
  • Eliminating sleep props
  • Transitioning from one sleep situation to another (i.e. crib to bed)
  • And much more

Some things a sleep consultant cannot/should not do:

  • Provide medical advice
  • Direct a client to eliminate any feedings or medication
  • Provide a diagnosis or treatment plan for any medical condition
  • Provide a diagnosis or treatment plan for any sleep specific conditions
  • Diagnose or treat restless leg, night terrors, apnea, or other sleep conditions

Do I have to live in Connecticut?

Simple answer is NO. While there are some Extra Zzz's and Packages that involve a home visit, all other packages can be completed without a home visit and via email and/or phone.

Why should I hire a sleep consultant when I can get the information for free online?

I am not going to hide the fact that all the information I provide can be found using Google. When my wife and I sleep trained my daughter we "tried" multiple methods that we found on the internet or that she heard about on a podcast. Each method failed due a lack of actual guidance on how we were doing or how to problem solve and adapt during the process. Eventually we caved and used the Cry It Out method.

Sleep Merrely goes beyond Google by providing the one-on-one support and customized sleep plan that you will not get from a search engine. We obtain detailed information about what is going on with every families sleep situation, evaluate which plans would best work for your specific conditions, and provide support during the actual training process.

How long does sleep training take?

Sleep training can be as quick as 1 or 2 nights, or as long as weeks and months. The amount of time depends on the specific methods being used, how well caregivers can resist giving in to some crying, and a few other factors (illness, teething, or other major events may disrupt the process). An easy way to think about it is that the more crying that is likely with the method, the faster it will probably work. Ultimately every child is different and a single method can vary drastically in how fast results can be seen from child to child.

Do I have to do Cry It Out?

No. In fact I do not suggest Cry It Out as a method unless under extenuating circumstances. That being said, I will gladly support and guide you in whatever method you deem best since you know your situation and child better than I do.

Do you guarantee that my child will sleep better after I order a sleep plan?

Unfortunately I cannot make this guarantee. Success of each sleep plan depends on multiple factors outside of the sleep plan that are beyond my control. Some of these include illness, teething, the ability of all caregivers to resist giving into the crying, and much more. For that reason I cannot make any guarantee except that I will do my best to provide a plan that I believe will guide you to the goals we are seeking for your child's sleep. Additionally, I will do my best to reach those goals within the given time-frames of each package.

What different sleep packages can I choose from?

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